Become independent by using your self-generated energy

swt distributes Nedaps PowerRouter

It´s a revolution in power...
The PowerRouter is more than just an inverter, it’s a fully integrated power management system. Simply connect solar, wind and battery power, without technical and installation hassle. Apply the PowerRouter to:
  • Feed in
  • Maximize the use of self-generated energy (self-use)<
  • Supply backup power
  • Have an off grid energy system

Optimize self-use with batteries

The PowerRouter is an integrated power management system, which can be used for all on grid feed-in and self-use schemes as well as off grid applications. The PowerRouter is a compact, easy to install and all-in-one system, that inverts and routes generated renewable energy. With its integrated, web-based logging features self-generated power can be remotely monitored and managed. The PowerRouter has an optional backup power supply.

This “Local Out” connection switches to “island mode” when the grid fails. Thanks to its “connect & grow” capability, the PowerRouter can be expanded with batteries for storing extra energy. This does not only provide backup during a power outage, but it also creates the opportunity to use the self-generated power more efficiently during normal operation.

Batteries can be easily connected to the PowerRouter system. A battery management system, called Intelligent Battery Manager, is integrated in the PowerRouter. It protects the batteries from overcharging and deep discharging and extends the batteries’ life. The PowerRouter routes the generated energy in an intelligent way. Surplus energy will be automatically stored in batteries. The energy consumption and the level of generated solar energy is continuously controlled. If energy consumption is higher than the generated solar energy, the energy that is stored in batteries will be available to complete the energy consumption.