The PowerRouter: Nominee Intersolar AWARD 2012

The PowerRouter is ready for the future

Technological innovation
Nedap is proud to be selected as a nominee for the Intersolar AWARD 2012 with it's innovative energy storage solution of the PowerRouter. The Intersolar AWARD 2012 pays tribute to outstanding innovations and forward thinking through pioneering innovations from solar companies and institutions from around the world. The “PowerRouter PR50SB - Solar inverter with integrated battery manager for self-use optimization” is nominated in the category “Photovoltaics”.

The characteristics of the PowerRouter make it possible to offer a unique solution for the 70% reduction law in Germany. The PowerRouter is able to reduce the capacity that will be fed to the grid to 70%, the use of self-generated energy (self-use) inclusive. When a 5000Wp solar installation produces 5kW of energy, the PowerRouter will not restrict the capacity of the PV panels to 4000W. It will still produce 5000W and use the surplus of generated energy for self-consumption or store it in batteries. This enables the owner of a PowerRouter to meet with this new law while proceeding to achieve optimal use of the 5kW installation, without having to buy expensive external devices in order to meet new law restrictions.

Product description

The PowerRouter PR50SB is a 5kW solar inverter with integrated battery manager in an all-in-one enclosure. Two independent MPP trackers with wide input range allow maximum installation flexibility and revenues. Generated solar energy is directly used for the connected loads. The surplus of generated solar energy is stored in the connected batteries instead of feeding it back to the grid. At times when generated solar energy is not sufficient to supply the loads, solar energy that is stored in batteries will be used to continue supplying the connected loads. Only when the batteries are fully charged and no energy is required, solar energy will be supplied to the grid against the (lower) feed-in tariff. When no solar energy is available and batteries are empty, loads continue to be energized using energy from the grid.

The patented Power Backbone technology of Nedap’s PowerRouter allows energy sources, storage media and loads to interchange energy and data within one product without excessive power, external devices or data-cable hassle. Direct input of solar power is converted and routed in relation to supply and demand of energy resulting in an efficient easy-to-use solution.